Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Greeting Cards from Alaska

"Eskimo Stitchery"
by Barbara Lavallee

"The Inside Passage"
by Daniel Van Zyle

"Ravens World"
by Evan Zerbetz

"Eskimos and Calicos"
by Barbara Lavallee

"Wrapped in Culture"
by Jeanne Gamble

While traveling I like to buy cards that are prints from local artist. The cards are easy to pack. When I get home I have them frame and they make wonderful treasures. The cards above are ones that I purchased while in Alaska


morningDove said...

oh these are lovely. My favorite "Wrapped In Culture".

Anonymous said...

those cards look cool!

Lakewood florist

Genie said...

Wonderful cards,
Thanks for kind thoughts on my daughter, still no news , waiting for more tests.
Cheers Jean

Fannie said...

Great prints, Jacq. They will be great wall art.