Thursday, November 8, 2007

Postcard from Ellen

Ellen is in one of my postcard exchange groups. After applying paint to the fabric with a brayer she stitched down hand dyed pearl cotton. I really like the movement of the threads it gives the feeling of water or wind.
Last week for my Joggles class we were to create an art quilt that was about something we want more of in our lives. After giving it much thought I decided what I really want in life is more grace. I have spent a week on how I want to show this and I'm still not sure. All ideas are welcome.


morningDove said...

the dictionary say "graciousness" relates to music note-a note that is an embellishment, not essential in the melody; also relates to "style"; thanksgiving said before a meal; a ceremonious title used addressing a duke; worship.
The one that came to my mind is musical note with words grace coming out of instrument. hope this helps.

morningDove said...

funny you should mention grace. if you read my blog for this morning I sure received grace from my family. thanks for giving me something to want more of.

Fannie said...

When I think of "grace," I "feel" weightless as if I am able to travel the world freely, sort of like a bird or butterfly. "Grace" reminds me of the word "gracious," and how we have the power to uplift and encourage those around us by our words, actions--and our art.

"Imagine, create, inspire."