Saturday, October 27, 2007

Metallic Postcard

I am participating in a metallic poctcard trade with the "Surface Design" group. The leaf is stamped on and then embossed with copper. I was not sure if it would work on fabric, but it seems to be okay. Oh, the possibilities. This card is for Paula.


morningDove said...

Jacq: Your pstcd is wonderful. Is the copper foil, powder or something else? morningDove

Judie said...

Way to go, Sis....This card is a big WOW!! What is the background? Is there an edge around the card and how did you do that? This one is going to take some explaining on your blog to those of us who are so envious of this little treasure.

Jacq said...

Judie, The stitching around the edge is with copper thread in a satin stitch. The background fabric is an aqua silk. The black fabric has a copper paint printed on it.Jacq