Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun Hats

This past month I have been in a knitting mode and found a couple of hat patterns that I thought would be fun to knit. I found both of the patterns on Ravelry for free.

This first one is knit from Mini Mochi Yarn by Crystal Palace. The hat took two skeins of the same self-striping yarn color. I started the Fairisle pattern at different colors on the skeins.

This hat is knit from 1 skein of Noro Kureyon yarn. It was a quick knit. I love the way the pattern spirals around to the top.

This past few weeks I have been painting by studio. I have always wanted a red room and now I have it . I love the shade of red and it makes me so happy. I wonder why I waited so long. I will post some pictures when I have finished.


Anonymous said...
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Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq. Love your new creations. The top of the hat looks great too. I like using hats in between salon appointments. ;-D Hah!

A red studio! Vibrant and happy for sure. Would love to see it sometime.

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