Friday, August 21, 2009

Look What Judie Got Me Doing!

Sock using two circular needles.

Stained glass vest.
My sister Judie and husband Tom, who are from Florida, have been out visiting us and my mom. One of the reasons that they came now besides being Judie's birthday was the Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon.
Judie has been my quilting guru for many years. Before quilting she was an avid knitter. She is back to back to knitting and is especially enjoying knitting socks.
The Sock Summit was at Portland's Convention Center. Besides offering many different classes there were about 150 yarn merchants. The yarn business has really changed over the years. There were many large companies and there were also many small dyers.

Under the influence of the last couple of weeks I have started not one but two new knitting projects(Judie also started a Stained Glass Vest). Thanks to my influence, Judie went home with some very nice red yarn. Think of what the two of us could get into if we just lived a little closer.

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