Friday, October 10, 2008

Fannie's Bear

Earlier this year my friend Fannie asked me to do some test sewing on a pattern she was developing. The pattern was a very cute Teddy Bear which is shown above. I found her pattern to be very easy to put together as it only had 4 pieces that fit together very well. The pattern comes in different sizes and is available here at Fannie's Etsy shop. Fannie is a very creative person and has a wonderful blog that is well worth visiting.


Fannie said...

Great bears, Jacq. They look soft and cuddly. I'm making a few for Christmas gifts. Thanks for all your help!

Have a great weekend!

Barbara said... are a teddy bear tester!! teddy bears..
kisses barbara

morningDove said...

I love the fabrics you chose for your bears. totally agree with you about fannie.

Genie said...

Beautiful Bears and i enjoy visiting Fannies blog and yours jacq

Sherry said...

Nice bears Jacq. I bought a couple of patterns from Fannie. They are indeed very easy to assemble. So many possibilities with these.