Thursday, April 24, 2008

Home Again

We are home from our little mini vacation. We visited friends in Davenport, WA and also spent several days in Idaho on Lake Couer d' Alene. Don (DH) grew up in the wheat farming town of Davenport, where his father was a Presbyterian pastor. His childhood friend still lives there and has retired from farming. This summer is his 50th high school reunion so we will go for another short visit so he can share stories of his younger days and catch up with life long friends. In Idaho we spent several days with Bob, Don's younger brother. Besides kicking back at the time-share we did a lot of site seeing. Idaho is a beautiful state. One thing we did not find in Idaho is Starbucks. Which was a little difficult to handle. We finally found one in Spokane on the way home. The west side of the state has a lot more Starbucks.

When I arrived home the watercolor print above was waiting for me in the mail. The artist that painted it is Pam Warden from Wisconsin. I love her work and it's whimsical look.


morningDove said...

I may not be the first to welcome you home but you were missed. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Pam's little girl of whimsy is adorable.

Genie said...

Welcome back, What a lovely surprise to come home too

Fannie said...

Welcome Home, Jacq! No Starbucks? ;-(

This is a wonderful whimsical piece. Thanks for sharing her link so we can enjoy her work too.

StegArt said...

What a great print!

Jacky said...

Love your print... I feel a bit that way when I have my morning coffee!
Will check out Pam link as I love that whimsical look too.

freebird said...

That print fits my sister to a T.

No Starbucks? See now, I would have gone to McDonalds but I like plain black coffee. My sister goes to Starbucks twice each day for her fix - I mean favorite!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, we live in the desert year round. It's high desert so we don't get as hot as Phoenix or Yuma. We can still breathe on a hot day here- I've had trouble on hot days when I traveled through Yuma, Phoenix or Bullhead. It's getting browner by the day in our yard but the shrubs outside the fence will stay green this year as we had some winter rain. For a comparison to where you live, last week we got down to 8% humidity! That's low even for here. Where's the hand lotion!!

Pam Warden Art said...

Just found you blog post. Thanks for the sweet comment.