Monday, March 3, 2008

Silk Hankie Bowl

This bowl is made with a silk hankie. Hankies are silk cocoons that are soaked in water and then stretched on a wood frame. The hankies I purchased were white and I painted a few of them. I then added some threads and yarn. A stiffener was painted on and the hankie was placed over a bowl to dry. This is another technique that I learned from a class I am taking from SueB at Joggles.


Fannie said...

Thanks to you, I signed up for a Journal Making class with Sue. I appreciate you sharing your art and class information.

Wurzerl said...

It is wonderful, great, gorgeous!!
Is it like heaven? Is it like sea? I don' t know, but I know, I like it!!
Have a good time

Jacq said...

Fannie, I think I will sigh up to take Sue's Journal Making class also.

Jacq said...

Thank you Wurzerl.

Fannie said...

How fun, Jacq!

Jacky said...

Love this bowl made with the silk hankie.... gorgeous! Might have a go at one of these to put some Easter Eggs in! Do you ever check out the site for The Thread Studio as they sell beautifully dyed silk hankies which would look great done this way.
Thanks for sharing and if you email me I will send you one of the beautifully dyed silk hankies for your next project.

p.s. what sort of stiffener did you paint on the bowl first?