Friday, February 15, 2008

Fair Trade Store

On Monday we drove north to Tacoma to meet my brother-in-law for lunch. There was a Fair Trade store in the same building and after checking everything out I purchased a couple of items. The "dancing girl pin" is from Kenya and is made from recycled wire from telephone lines and car engines. The pin is about 2 1/2" tall. "The bag is made from recycled foil juice pouches that are scattered throughout the towns of the Philipppines. The project to recycle the juice pouches provides income for many people in the production chain from collection, to cleaning, to sewing." The tote bag is about 6"tall and 12"wide. I think it will be great for small projects.
"Fair trade means that artisans are paid a fair price in advance for their products and work in safe working conditions. It provides the framework for empowering the disadvantaged of the world to make a fair living and provide for themselves and their families."


Barbara said...

love the pin and the bag...greetings Barbara

Wurzerl said...

In my home town we have also a "Fair Trade Shop" I think it' s a very important project!!!
The and the bag are so jolly!
Have a nice Sunday Wurzerl

Fannie said...

I saw a documentary about the Fair Trade but have never been to one. Sounds like you had a nice day.