Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hardanger Embroidery is one of those things that I love doing, it is so organized. It originated in Norway. This is a small doily that I made. Most things that I do are somewhat larger. The hard part of doing this kind of embroidery is to make sure everything lines up.

I don't know if anyone has been watching the weather in Northwest but we have had a lot of flooding going on. We are very fortunate that we are okay. There is flooding both north and south of us. The freeway has been shut down with 10 feet of water in areas. Our daughter and family have flooding with in a block or less of their home on three sides, but they have been spared. The next few days are to be sunny so hopefully we will dry out a bit.


morningDove said...

This embroidery looks very hard yet its stunning. How long did it take you to perfect it? keeping all your family in my prayers.

Fannie said...

Excellent embroidery work, and you photographed it nicely too.

Hope you're safe.