Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Hardanger

I needed something to put one of my Nativity sets on, so I decided to do some Hardanger embroidery. Hardanger is usually done on white fabric with white thread. I wanted something darker so I decided to go with dark green fabric and a light green thread. Breaking with tradition can be fun. The embroidery is about 7 1/2" square.


Fannie said...

The dark and light combination works great! Breaking tradition is fun at times. Excellent work as usual.

morningDove said...

happy new year Jacq. I'm so glad we met in #35. how long does it take you to do this amazing work? i'm not good at hand work but when I see yours it makes me want to try. thank you for sharing.

DeBee said...

Beautiful work - and the contrast in colors really sets off the motif. It does look time consuming, though. I'm sure your Nativity looked wonderful on this base.