Friday, November 16, 2007

"Natioal Adoption Day"

Today is "National Adoption Day". My husband and I were able to watch as our daughter Rhea and her partner adopted three special needs children in court today. Gabriela(4), Sharaya(2) and Malachi(1), became the newest members of our family. The girls are biological sisters and came from an abusive home, while Malachi was born three months premature with way too many drugs in him. All three children have been in foster care with our daughter and partner for a year or more and it is a great joy to know that they are now a permanent members of our family. We embrace this family and surround them with our love.


morningDove said...

congratulations Jacq. What a wonderful way to help innocent children. I know from watching my DH while in Drug Enforcement the horror stories of children abused in so many different ways from drug-addicted parents. He found it very hard to place children in social services but when necessary his concern was the child/ren. Happy Grandparenting.

Fannie said...

Congratulations on the additions to your family, Jacq.